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Make Monster Deer - Photo Gallery

Mass XL Deer Attractant Photo Gallery

Before and After

2 year old without Mass XL

2 year old with Mass XL

Axis Deer Before

Axis Deer After

Fallow Buck

Fallow Buck

Louisiana Buck Before and After

Mass XL Deer Shed

2 Year Old Mule Deer

Mass XL Deer Mule Deer

Mass XL Deer

Mass XL Deer Sheds

Plaska Lodge guides, knee deep in antlers taken by hunters the first 14 days of deer season 2014. Using MASS XL pays big dividends! Not only does it attract more deer, it enables them to grow antlers to their fullest genetic potential. Feed Mass XL this season and notice the difference!

Plaska Lodge/Mass XL bucks taken by hunters first 2 weeks of season 2013.

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