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Want a Monster Deer?

Looking to take your Whitetail and Mule Deer to the next level?

Mass XL will make Monster Deer!

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About MassXL Lip Curl Supplement

Mass XL - Make Monster Deer
Mass XL "Lip Curl" Supplement

Testosterone is a STEROID HORMONE from androgen group. It is the principal male sex hormone and is responsible for a bucks growth and development. MASS XL “ Lip Curl” dramatically increases the production of that anabolic hormone. Studies have shown elevated estrogen production when ingested
by does. This unique blend of all-natural legumes and native plants has a distinct aroma and an enticing sweet flavor. A small portion of this high potency superfood stimulates growth of the new muscle cells, energy production and hormone support, without the aid of chemicals or synthetic additives. MASS XL “Lip Curl” is a raging TESTOSTERONE inferno for Whitetail and Mule Deer.